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Through our database, we have the ability to drive hundreds — even thousands — of NEW customers through your door, cost-effectively. We provide a sales engine that brings new customers and always needed cash flow to you with no initial cost. If we succeed, you succeed, and we all get paid. If not, you don’t pay us anything. You will not find a better risk / benefit sales and marketing engine anywhere.

Our team will creatively structure the right deal for both seller and buyer to ensure a win-win experience. For example, if Tuesday is your slowest day for business, we’ll structure a deal to soak up your extra capacity. You win because that was wasted capacity anyway without Scoupon, and the buyer wins because they get a great offer to try out something new, while both of you are introduced to each other with the hope of building a loyal relationship with repeat benefits to both.

Why Scoupon is a MUST? Businesses get:

  • A Self-Funding Success-Based Advertising Campaign that is customized to undoubtedly create buzz and increased demand for your business and brand. The email and social media marketing campaign presents such a unique ability to focus 100% of your marketing spend on new customers, all funded from the additional business as a direct result of the new customers Scoupon brings to you….no budget is needed!
  • Guaranteed New Customers as we introduce new potential customers that haven't discovered your business to try your product/service by enticing them with a discount. The only cost to you is the discount on your product/service and the success-based commission we retain.
  • Upfront Payment for your services from people already committed to try your business. Nothing beats advance cash in the bank!
  • Targeted & Relevant Reach as our team of experienced Scouponeers will develop and manage a custom campaign for you, so the only thing you have to do is sign-up and continue to focus on your business, no other marketing mechanism offers such hassle-free yet effective marketing!
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